harvestIf you have yet to visit the Demo Garden in our Rancho Santa Fe store, now is a great time to do so. The Hummingbird/ Butterfly garden is a-buzz with pollinators, the birds are munching on our giant sunflower’s seeds, the lizards are sunning themselves on the cinder-block succulent planter, and the veggie boxes are producing full blast!

Every week, a bountiful harvest awaits, and this week we got a sampling of everything. The ‘Pickling’, ‘Lemon’, and ‘Armenian’ Cucumbers have been incredibly fruitful… which is fortunate for the employees who have been fighting over them. The ‘Marvel of Venice’ yellow wax-bean produced more than we could pick. The ‘Spaghetti’ Squash has tried to ramble up, down, over, and under all of our vegetable boxes. It has produced a dozen squashes so far, including the one we picked today, and 2 are ripening on the vine right now.

The bright red peppers of the spicy ‘Chile de Arbol’ were so pretty on the plant that I almost didn’t want to take them off, but I had to remind myself that you have to harvest what a plant produces if you want it to have the energy to grow more. We also picked our first little crop of ‘Lemon Drop’ Peppers. Many of them were still green, but still flavorful, and certainly spicy!

We had many artichokes this season, but they aren’t known to be very tender their first year, so we’re letting them go to flower to make the bees happy for a little while; however, we will cut the flowers off before they begin to wilt, to redirect the energy back into the plant itself. We were able to harvest bunches of tomatoes, strawberries, and onions. Among our tasty herbs was a beautiful ‘Tricolor’ Sage, and versatile Lemon Grass that thrives in summer heat. And of course, we can’t forget our edible flower section! The Pansies and Violas that established themselves during cool weather are still blooming like crazy, and the peppery Nasturtium flowers are a beautiful addition to any dish.

If you missed out on planting great these great warm-season varieties, fall planting time is just around the corner. Check back with us VERY soon for our cool-season selections, and what we’re going to experiment with next!


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